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Kingsdon Manor School

TA11 7JZ - View Location Map
Tel: 01935840323
Fax: 01935840591

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Did you used to attend Kingsdon Manor School and would you like to get in touch with your old School, College or University friends, to catch up on old times or to arrange a school reunion ? then why not add your contact details to the Kingsdon Manor School contact area, or if your connected with Kingsdon Manor School then why not use the message board to post any information, relating to any new school events such as car boot sales, parents nights or school open days etc.

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walter hudd (M) Left (1954) My Details
kennethpickles (M) Left (1966) My Details
Adrian Densley (M) Left (1976) My Details
NIGEL PIERCE (M) Left (1976) My Details
Andrew Glover (M) Left (1977) My Details
the power (M) Left (1978) My Details
Chris monks (M) Left (1980) My Details
adrian webb (M) Left (1980) My Details
adrian webb (M) Left (1980) My Details
stephen robertson (M) Left (1983) My Details
Steven (M) Left (1983) My Details
john thresher (M) Left (1983) My Details
alan price (M) Left (1983) My Details
thomas kiss (M) Left (1984) My Details
jeffrey graham (M) Left (1984) My Details
Robert D Kibbey (M) Left (1985) My Details
Michael Austin (M) Left (1986) My Details
Dave (M) Left (1986) My Details
MARK TREBLE (M) Left (1990) My Details
billy (M) Left (1991) My Details
duncan mant (M) Left (1993) My Details
Lee Kemp (M) Left (1995) My Details
andrew (M) Left (1996) My Details
shane heyman (M) Left (1997) My Details
Owen Astle (M) Left (1997) My Details
ian binks (M) Left (1998) My Details
admin (M) Left (2000) My Details
lance litherland (M) Left (2003) My Details
 View Im looking for old school friends who we  By Robert D Kibbey
 View looking for old school friends from King  By admin
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