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South Shields High School for Girls

Tyne And Wear

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Did you used to attend South Shields High School for Girls and would you like to get in touch with your old School, College or University friends, to catch up on old times or to arrange a school reunion ? then why not add your contact details to the South Shields High School for Girls contact area, or if your connected with South Shields High School for Girls then why not use the message board to post any information, relating to any new school events such as car boot sales, parents nights or school open days etc.

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Joan Beech(Chenery) (F) Left (1942) My Details
Dorothy nee Henson (F) Left (1951) My Details
Lilian Carr (F) Left (1953) My Details
Lilian (Murray) Carr (F) Left (1953) My Details
Patricia O'Neil (nee Charlton) (F) Left (1954) My Details
marcelle curry nee oley (F) Left (1954) My Details
Brenda Fielder(nee Lubi) (F) Left (1956) My Details
Dorothy Anne Wright (M) Left (1959) My Details
Ruth hopper nee McConway (F) Left (1959) My Details
Margaret McLeod (F) Left (1959) My Details
Doreen Rossiter (F) Left (1960) My Details
Rita Boyd (F) Left (1961) My Details
Rosemary Kenyon (F) Left (1961) My Details
Patricia Harding (F) Left (1962) My Details
sandra prakash (F) Left (1963) My Details
Sheila Nicholson (F) Left (1963) My Details
marilyn scott (F) Left (1963) My Details
Lynda Chester (F) Left (1965) My Details
Pamela Kennedy (F) Left (1967) My Details
sheila clark (F) Left (1967) My Details
Pauline Oates (F) Left (1967) My Details
val (F) Left (1967) My Details
Sheila Gates (F) Left (1967) My Details
Elizabeth Allan (F) Left (1968) My Details
Shirley Harris (F) Left (1969) My Details
Sylvia Young (F) Left (1970) My Details
Angee Sherlock-Lynn (F) Left (1970) My Details
Roslyn Lamb (F) Left (1970) My Details
susan brown (F) Left (1970) My Details
corinne pinnock (F) Left (1971) My Details
Angee Sherlock-Lynn (F) Left (1971) My Details
wendy shalliker (F) Left (1971) My Details
ali (F) Left (1971) My Details
Christine (F) Left (1973) My Details
valerie evans was scott (F) Left (1975) My Details
toonman (M) Left (1975) My Details
Joyce Thompson (F) Left (1976) My Details
Jan barron (F) Left (1976) My Details
Margaret (F) Left (1976) My Details
 View Hi Looking to contact old friend who le  By John Thompson
 View high ,I remember mrs. ramsden and then m  By corinne pinnock
 View Please note that Dorthy Anne Wright is a  By Dorothy Anne Wright
 View how can a bloke be a past pupil of the g  By toonman
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