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Beacon Hill Secondary Modern School

Tyne And Wear

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Did you used to attend Beacon Hill Secondary Modern School and would you like to get in touch with your old School, College or University friends, to catch up on old times or to arrange a school reunion ? then why not add your contact details to the Beacon Hill Secondary Modern School contact area, or if your connected with Beacon Hill Secondary Modern School then why not use the message board to post any information, relating to any new school events such as car boot sales, parents nights or school open days etc.

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patricia newton nee davison (F) Left (1964) My Details
allen.telford (M) Left (1964) My Details
James Richardson (M) Left (1965) My Details
Bill Richings (M) Left (1967) My Details
Anne Huldie (F) Left (1967) My Details
audrey wood (F) Left (1967) My Details
joyce smith (F) Left (1967) My Details
vivien brown (F) Left (1968) My Details
richie kane (M) Left (1968) My Details
alice dodds (F) Left (1969) My Details
Mary Manuel (F) Left (1969) My Details
Kim McGlen-Bull (F) Left (1971) My Details
Diane Gascoigne (M) Left (1972) My Details
Carole Wiles (F) Left (1974) My Details
david wildsmith (M) Left (1974) My Details
adam pick (M) Left (1975) My Details
pamela mitchinson (F) Left (1975) My Details
adam pick (M) Left (1975) My Details
Jimmy Cranston (M) Left (1976) My Details
Sean golden (M) Left (1976) My Details
robert bruce (M) Left (1976) My Details
Denise bland (F) Left (1977) My Details
steven harrison (haza) (M) Left (1977) My Details
Colin (M) Left (1977) My Details
peter carr (M) Left (1977) My Details (M) Left (1978) My Details
michael redshaw (M) Left (1979) My Details
ian iredale (M) Left (1979) My Details
denny iveson (M) Left (1979) My Details
graham laidlaw (M) Left (1982) My Details
james chambers (M) Left (1983) My Details
Ian Hetherington (M) Left (1983) My Details
Mark Gibson (M) Left (1984) My Details
john joseph campbell (M) Left (1985) My Details
paddy (M) Left (1985) My Details
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