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 Home  > Region  >  County Antrim  >  BELFAST  >  Everton Girls Secondary School

Everton Girls Secondary School

Crumlin Road
County Antrim

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Did you used to attend Everton Girls Secondary School and would you like to get in touch with your old School, College or University friends, to catch up on old times or to arrange a school reunion ? then why not add your contact details to the Everton Girls Secondary School contact area, or if your connected with Everton Girls Secondary School then why not use the message board to post any information, relating to any new school events such as car boot sales, parents nights or school open days etc.

Add yourself to Everton Girls Secondary School

Sheila Newell nee Hall (F) Left (1950) My Details
Joan coulter (F) Left (1963) My Details
audrey thompson (F) Left (1969) My Details
pheme smyth (F) Left (1969) My Details
wilma bell (F) Left (1971) My Details
may walker (F) Left (1974) My Details
madie (F) Left (1974) My Details
valerie davison shaw (F) Left (1975) My Details
doreen mcmullan (F) Left (1976) My Details
sharon millar (steele) (F) Left (1977) My Details
Jennifer Perry (Neilly) (F) Left (1978) My Details
sonia bates (F) Left (1980) My Details
carol (F) Left (1980) My Details
Pauline Mckee (nee Orr) (F) Left (1982) My Details
Sandra Armour (Millar) (F) Left (1982) My Details
kim (F) Left (1982) My Details
Laura gribben (dumlop) (F) Left (1984) My Details
Rosemary hill (F) Left (1985) My Details
nicola (F) Left (1985) My Details
Angela Morrow (F) Left (1985) My Details
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