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St Bees School Comments 


   By schoolhistory4 a short historical description of the school from the early 1900s. ST. BEE'S SCHOOL, CUMBERLAND D. Motto:-" Ingredere ut pvoficias." Founded under provisions of the will of Archbishop Grindal, arid opened in 1587. Now conducted, in accordance with revised scheme of the Endowed School Commissioners dated 1881, as a first grade Public School. Govevnors: : Chairman:- Rev. J. 1Z. Magrath, D.D., Provost of Queens College, Oxford. Ex-Officio.-The BISHOP OF CARLISLE, The Rector or Egremont, with four co-optative and six representative Governors, representing : Queen's College, Oxford (two), Pembroke College, Cambridge (two), Justices of the Peace for Cumberland (one), Corporation of White- haven (one). Head blaster :- -Rev. H. A. 1-'. SAWYER, \LA., late Scholar of Oueen's College, Oxford: Second Master:-Rev. VV. H. Alderson, \1.A., late Scholar of Clare College, Cambridge. Assisted by a large staff of Resident Graduates in High Honours. NUMBER of boys in school, 120, mostly boarders. Boys are prepared for the Universities, the Professions, and the Services. There is a Classical side, in which Greek is compulsory, and a Modern, in which German takes the place of Greek. Religious Instruction is given according to the teaching of the Church of England. Boys may be exempted at parents' request. FEES :-Head Master' s House, £52 ; Second Master's House, £48 ; Foundation (or Hostel) £,33 for board and tuition. Day boys pay only tuition fees, viz.: £12 and £8, according to age. These exceptionally low fees are made possible by the large endowment of the school. Entrance Scholarships.--18 Foundation Scholarships, reducing fees for board and tuition to £9 per annum. Six House Exhibitions (in Head Master's and Second 'Master's Houses) of various values. Leaving SCHOLARSHIPS.-Five Grindal Exhibitions, £40 per annum, tenable at any University ; one Fox Exhibition, "('40 per annum, tenable at Oueen's College, Oxford; two Dixon Exhibitions, £39 per annum, tenable at Queen's College, Oxford; two Thomas Exhibitions, £68 per annum, tenable at Queen's College, Oxford, for sons of clergymen in diocese of Carlisle, held also by Carlisle Grammar School, who have first choice; one Grindal Exhibition for scholars of St. Bee's who can " write Latin verse, and know some Greek." The following Exhibitions are also open to boys from St. Bee's; as well as to boys from certain other schools in Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Yorkshire-Twenty Hastings Exhibitions, £90 per annum ; four Eglesfield Exhibition,, £80 per annum ; two Holmes Exhibitions, £45 per annum ; a11 tenable. at Queen's College, Oxford. A leading feature of St. Bee's School is the special arrangements made for Indian and Colonial boys. The climate is particularly suitable for boys brought up in the tropics. 

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